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Friday, 2 September 2011


Notification No. F.12(84)FD/Tax/2009-21 dated 8-7-2009 S.No. 2512
38 goods notified

NOTIFICATION Jaipur, July 8, 2009

S.O.106.- In pursuance of clause (i) and (iii) of sub-rule (1) of rule 53 of the

Rajasthan Value Added Tax Rules, 2006 read with sub-section (1) of section 79 of

the Rajasthan Value Added Tax Act, 2003 (Act No. 4 of 2003), and in supersession

of all the notifications issued in this behalf, the State Government being of the

opinion that it is expedient in the public interest so to do, hereby notifies the

following goods for the purposes of said clauses, namely:-

1. All kinds of furniture including moulded furniture.

2. All kinds of lubricants.

3. All kinds of mattresses, cushion, pillows, all types of sheets, and other articles

made from foam rubber or plastic foam or other synthetic foam and

rubberised coir mattresses.

4. All kinds of toilet & washing soap and detergents.

5. All goods made of cement.

6. All types of bearings.

7. All types of sanitary goods including sanitary pipes and fittings.

8. All types of electrical goods including UPS and CVTS.

9. Audio and Video cassettes

10. Butter & Deshi Ghee.

11. Computers, its softwares, floppies and parts.

12. Cooling equipments including air conditioners and refrigerators.

13. Copper in all its forms including wires.

14. Dry fruits including Clove, Cardamom, Pepper and betel nut.

15. Raw or refined edible oil and Hydrogenated vegetable oil.

16. Electronic items including TV, VCR, VCP.

17. Gur.

18. Iron & Steel as defined under Section 14 of the CST Act.

19. Parts of Automobile & Tractor except when used in manufacturing of

automobiles or tractors.

20. Pan massala, Gutkha and Churi.

21. Paints, varnishes, colour and dyes.

22. Timber, ply woods, Nuwood and Laminated sheets.

23. Safety Matches.

24. Tele-communication and sound transmitting equipments including Cellular &

Cordless telephone, Fax and Pagers.

25. Tea.

26. All types of yarn, whether cotton, woollen or synthetic.

27. Metallic Utensils.

28. All types of crockery.

29. Photographic goods.

30. Plastic goods, PVC granules except when used as raw material for production

of plastic goods.

31. Rubber and goods made of rubber.

32. All kinds of paper and paper products including exercise books.

33. All kinds of tiles.

34. Fireworks.

35. Non edible oil.

36. Rice.

37. Cotton Seed.

38. All kinds of foot-wear.


By Order of the Governor,

S.S. Rajawat,

Deputy Secretary to Government.

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